Harajuku Girls – Meet the True Fashion Icons of Japan

‘Harajuku girls’, popularly called the ‘fashion aficionados’ or even the ‘beauty stars of Japan’, might be best known all over the world for his or her unique costumes, that are stated in various types of clothing that originated from the rich culture of some of the major cities of Japan. They have been named following your extremely popular Harajuku district in Tokyo and were made popular in the West from the ” album released in 2004 by Gwen Stefani.
Their Clothing Styles
These young, beautiful fashion icons are Japanese teenage girls who gather in a very narrow street of ‘Takeshita’ every weekend and dress themselves up as the infant dolls in the Lolita-esque caricatures. A large number of fashion styles, such as cyber fashion, Gothic Maid, Wamono, Gothic Lolita, Second-Hand Fashion, and Decorah, could be noticed among these young ladies.
They could be often seen wearing dark outfits coupled with traditional Japanese clothing, for example Kimonos and fans. Some of them also wear fake bandages and blood and carry things, like mobile phones, hello kitties, and photo stickers, which symbolize modern Japan. The varied clothing styles of these girls are beautifully featured by ‘FRUiTS’, the most famous Japanese street-fashion magazine.
Their Purpose
Why do these Harajuku girls clothe themselves with such outrageous outfits every weekend? Is it their fascination with fashion that drives the crooks to do this? ซีรี่ย์ญี่ปุ่น is ‘No’. There are much deeper reasons for it. The weekly ceremony that lasts only for several hours allows these phones not just spend their free time and cash, but also momentarily escape the strict rules in the male-dominated Japanese society. Outrageous dressing styles actually symbolize the oppression of the a femeale along with their try to seek their individuality and independence to express.
Their Nature
They compete with one another to take a look more iconic and fewer human! These outrageously dressed teenagers look a minimum of characters of your Japanese Anime series or possibly a comic strip of Manga. However, these girls are extremely fun loving, polite, and delightful. They would want to pose for photographs along in the event you request them for any happy snap.
In short, the Harajuku district is really a must-see on weekends for all those vacationing in Tokyo. If you really wish to see a unique mix of tradition and modernization from the Japanese society, you should definitely not miss the opportunity meet these wonderful fashion icons along with the beauty stars of Japan.