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โดจิน continues.Hollywood,like all year,is able to release numerous movies and animation films at first of New Year.Although many block buster movies are already showing in theaters there is absolutely no dearth of excitement among movie lovers for new per box office news a number of the latest movies decide to make great profit using the rush of viewers inside festive magazines are full with film reviews and movie photos while Page 3 reporters are competing with one another for exclusive interviews of movie you haven’t updated your movie list yet the following is some latest movies news for you personally.

Movie buffs are typical charged up with all the launch of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.This British drama film has already rocked the planet featuring its touching story and excellent cinematography and causing commotion inside the box office too.Director Danny Boyle is over a high with awards flowing from everywhere while exclusive interview of Slumdog Millionaire’s Jamal Mullick,Dev Patel is already being cross over film has already bagged 4 Golden Globes and five out of the six awards it won nomination for at the Critics’Choice.Millions of viewers hope this winning spree continues for Slumdog Millionaire with ten nominations on the 81st Academy Awards and eleven at 62nd BAFTA Awards.

Another launch of 2009 is Defiance that has all the attributes to get enlisted the most effective commercial movies of the season. The creator of The Last Samurai,Edward Zwick is back with another war film. Much acclaimed actor Daniel Craig is featuring the lead role as Tuvia action thriller in line with the novel’ Defiance: The Bielski Partisans’ is a story of four years old Jewish brothers who escaped from a Nazi military movie evolves across the incidents and danger the prisoners faced while films title song ‘Defiance’ is already a winner and yes it won nomination for Best Original Score on the 2009 Oscar. Though the novel might be filmed more dynamically Defiance has much to make available to its viewers.

Those who want to watch off-beat films may include inside their movie lists names including ‘The Reader’,’Doubt’,’The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ and ‘Challenging’.’Revolutionary Road’ pairing Leonardo DiCaprio and the Kate Winslet has acquired critics’ appraisals.Extraordinary performance with the blonde beauty in Revolutionary Road and The Reader has had her two Golden Globes in Reader will give you an idea of contemporary German classic.While portraying the complex character of the concentration camp guard,Hanna in The Reader Kate Winslet shows her class as a possible actor.

With the production of Revolutionary Road it turned out inevitable that comparisons is going to take place involving the box office hit Titanic and also this latest Leo and Kate paired the innocent teenager in Titanic to the desperate housewife in Revolutionary Road the blonde beauty has walked a long way understanding that shows in her own performance.

Doubt is a superb screen adaptation of John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer and Tony Award winning movie can be a pursuit of existential truth that enthralls its viewers with the desolating consequence of blind ‘justice’ within the epoch of ethics and moral is where Doubt succeeds in raising questions in the mind of the audience.
The list is long.Reviews of 2009 Golden Globe winning films are actually available on the internet.Apart from film reviews websites come full of movie clips,movie news and addition on the latest movie releases there is a much bigger coming ,this year you might have reasons why you should rush to the theater.